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DC Talk is one of the most popular Christian groups of all time. The group's illustrious career is made up of platinum albums, sold-out arena concerts, and making strong music with a message. Keep up with the latest right here at DcTalkFreaks.com!

Listen to the Rare DC Talk Demo Tape from 1987!

DC Talk was founded in 1987, but they didn't get their big break until 1989 when they signed with Forefront Communications. Here you can look at and listen to the extremely RARE tape that got DC Talk signed and started their illustrious career!

2017 DC Talk Reunion

After over a 15 year hiatus, we just got news just in that they'll be returning in 2017 and we're gathering all of the news and information in one place. Keep up with the latest news on the 2017 Jesus Freak Cruise! And if there's anything more planned, this will be the first place you find out.

DC Talk Concert History

The most exhaustive list of DC Talk performances that you'll find anywhere.

DC Talk Discussion Forum

Check out our brand new Discussion Forum. You can participate with other fans and discuss News, the Reunion, Albums, Tours, and everything DC Talk!

Rare DC Talk Collector's Items

Coming soon is this page that lists rare and hard-to-find collector's items from the group, including old newsletters, apparel, radio singles, and other cool items.


DC Talk (1989)
The debut album by DC Talk was one of the first efforts in Christian music to mix "rap, rock, and soul."

Nu Thang (1990)
DC Talk took the formula further on their followup album, 1990's Nu Thang.

Free at Last (1992)
Their first major hit was the DC Talk album Free At Last, many parts of which still sound current.

Jesus Freak (1995)
1995's Jesus Freak tore down all the walls artistically, even crossing over into secular Top 40 radio. It remains their most popular album.

Supternatural (1998)
dc Talk's album Supernatural was a tremendous success, and was the first effort that had every member fully participating in the songwriting aspect.

Tours, Concerts and Shows

Nu Skool Jam Tour (1991)
DC Talk went on several small tours early in their career, touring with DeGarmo and Key, the Newsboys, and Michael W. Smith. One of their later tours was called the DC Talk Nu Skool Jam Tour, which took place starting in October of 1991.

Free at Last Tour (1994)
The Free at Last Tour by DC Talk was the first major arena tour by these young artists. The record company, Forefront, had a camera crew along and over 30 cities of the tour were documented on film, later (much later!) to be released as Free at Last: The Movie.

Freak Show (Jesus Freak Tour) (1996)
Following the success of the Free At Last Tour proved easy for dc Talk, who in 1996 embarked on their famous Freakshow Tour in support of the Jesus Freak album. Covering North America and Europe, this tour showed the rock and roll side of dc Talk. This tour culminated in the recording of the live album Welcome to the Freak Show.

Supernatural Experience Tour (1999)
A futuristic stage setting, a spectacular light show, and a killer setlist describes dc Talk's Supernatural Experience Tour in 1999, in support of the Supernatural album.

Solo Tour (2001)
During the "Intermission" time period, dc talk still found the drive to have one last tour together, dubbed the dc talk Solo tour. This group of shows had them performing as solo artists, and coming together at various points in the concert to sing some dc talk favorites.

Other Projects

Yo Ho Ho (1990)
In 1990, DC Talk was part of the Yo Ho Ho Christmas compilation.

Free at Last EP (1994)
In 1994, DC Talk came out with the Free at Last Extended Play Remix project.

Jesus Freak Single (1995)
In 1995, dc Talk came out with the Jesus Freak single.

Intermission (2000)
In 2000, dc talk started their Intermission with a Greatest Hits cd.

Solo EP (2001)
In 2001, dc talk came out with the Solo EP project.